Happy April – it’s time for Spring Cleaning!  What does that look like for you?  In generations past it meant flinging open the windows, scrubbing the smoke off the walls, plus beating the rugs.  Boy, am I grateful for modern conveniences like a vacuum!  A Spring clean at home or the office using natural products like essential oils can help reduce allergens and illness.

What about you?  Have you detoxed lately?  Look no further than Victory Energy Wellness.  Come on in and we’ll help you design a detox package that is best for you and your needs.  I LOVE our new BEMER – it has taken detoxing to a whole new level for me.  Release those toxins on a daily basis, enough so you’re visiting the restroom regularly.  Consider a monthly or quarterly detox program.

Let’s make an action list for Spring Cleaning your world:

  1. Clean up your space – be it your bedroom, desk or whole house. Try using non-toxic cleaning materials – you’ll be surprised what vinegar and baking soda can accomplish!
  2. Clean up your diet. If it can stay on the shelf for ages, it shouldn’t go in your body.  If you are going to eat sugar, make sure it’s measured.  One day a month, once a week or on major holidays (that doesn’t include Groundhog Day folks!)
  3. Clean up your liver, kidneys, bowels – Drink Alkalized Water with a little lemon or favorite citrus essential oil. Drink! Drink! Increase your fiber by eating lots of colorful yummy fruits and veggies.
  4. Clean up your resolutions – make a daily, weekly or monthly action plan to accomplish those goals. Ask a friend to support your accountability.
  5. Clean up your emotional space – do you find yourself judging others or viewing the glass half empty? Being mindful and journaling out negative thoughts allows you to replace them with positive affirmations.
  6. Clean up your schedule — create time for people and things that really matter. Getting off the couch can mean more time volunteering, cooking, enjoying friends and family – especially time for yourself!
  7. Clean up your skin — how about dry brushing it before showering or using a mild scrub. Afterwards smooth a thin layer of oil on that beautiful, largest organ of your body.  Getting your skin Summer-ready starts now.

Which of these “clean ups” will you make a priority?  If there’s anything we can help you with, please let us know.