Smarter Drops

An A+ for Every Body: Smarter Drops©

Looking for a simple, custom, non-BIG-pharmaceutical way to feel your very best?  SmarterDrops© were created to aid your body in accomplishing that goal.  SmarterDrops© are a simple self improvement program developed with the most effective cutting edge technology available today. Each SmarterDrop© is filled with vast libraries of information related to 13 specific areas of our lives. Based on a recognized, simple, yet direct way to communicate with the body and present acquired knowledge to the intelligence allowing it to achieve balance at a faster pace. Incorporating trace minerals and energetic frequencies, these simple drops know what your body needs and go about quickly restoring your energy.

AuraLighte© Restores Auric Field

Want to feel better, fight the blues and handle stress more easily?  When your aura or light that surrounds your body is complete, we can do all these things and so much more.  We make better decisions, sleep better, have better relationships and are realistically positive, not discouraged or deflated.  AuraLighte© is an innovative product that protects you, makes you feel more energized, and helps to keep your aura intact. A few drops taken sublingually daily are all you need to keep your aura intact and helps all the other smarter drops work faster. This is one AMAZING drop that everyone could use.

Mr. Smartie Pants, Steven Fountaine

Steven Fountaine is the founder of SmarterDrops©.  He has studied Sports Medicine, Preventative Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Health Information Technologies and his hobbies include physics and travel. Steven became interested in searching out ways to help people improve their health simply and affordably over the past 6 years in his Health Discovery Centers. His knowledge has taken him around the globe providing alternative and natural health care consulting for practitioners.

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