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Quantum Pulse® looks like something from Back to the Future – some people call it the “Flux Capacitor.” Enter the room and feel as if you’re going on a journey of focused energy and alertness as your thoughts are amplified. You can even hold an everyday light bulb and watch it light up as your energy increases. You have to try it – it is difficult to describe. Try a complementary session to restore your cellular vitality.

“Technology is great when it helps you feel better”, says gadget girl and energy geek, Jolene Victor, “I think that bringing together the future with some of these tools and the past with some of our modalities is very powerful. We can link ancient ideas to the latest technology to enhance the power within us. We want to be on the cutting edge of achieving optimal wellness.”

How Does the Quantum Pulse Machine Work?

Think back to your science class days. Probably somewhere in your scientific background you remember talking about frequencies and probably even saw it demonstrated when your teacher struck a tuning fork and then demonstrated how one vibrating fork set another one to humming just by holding them near each other.

Frequencies are useful little things. Quantum Pulse functions off this same principle. The Quantum Pulse machine transmits energy at the frequency of healthy cells. The cells in our body (sick or well) respond to this healthy frequency (just like the tuning forks). The idea then, is that a Quantum Pulse session allows natural healing to take place as our “sick” cells learn to be healthy.


So What Actually Happens in a Quantum Pulse Session?

You’ll sit in a room with the Quantum Pulse machine. It looks pretty cool (think Back to the Future) and uses a multi-wave oscillator and spectrum tubes (hi-tech light bulbs) to create frequencies between infrared and ultraviolet (you’ll see it as light). The Tesla coil on the machine creates an electromagnetic field that carries the light frequencies in a 6-8 foot radius around the machine. The tuning capacitor that sits on top of the machine produces alpha waves, which can help relieve anxiety and depression.

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Information taken from www.thequantumpulse.com