Happy Young CoupleOptimal Mind & Body Wellness

Q Sciences is taking a new approach towards living healthy. The Science of Happiness and Wellness comes from giving your mind and body the nutrients needed to restore themselves. Once restored, the mind and body can do amazing things*

Specifically formulated to provide essential nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system, EMPowerplus supports mood stability, mental clarity, improved cognition, and overall brain health and function. Research continues to show that the mind and body thrive when given the nutrients they need*

EMPowerplus Q96 delivers a balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in a safe yet effective dose for both children and adults. The formula’s power comes from using only the highest quality nutrients, the correct dosage of individual ingredients, and the precise combinations of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that interact to enhance potency and effectiveness. the use of cutting-edge nano-chelation technology dramatically increases the bio-availability of micro-nutrients for maximum uptake in the brain.*

Backed by Scientific Research

Twenty four independent clinical trials and medical studies on EMPower Q96 have been conducted at world renowned universities in four countries, including Harvard Medical School, and published in peer-reviewed journals with no funding from Q Sciences.

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*Q Sciences does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure,or prevent any diseases. The FDA has not evaluated this information. Do not discontinue any current medical treatment based on this information. Please consult your physician before starting EMPowerplus Q96. This product may naturally alter your body’s response to psychotropic medication.