Enerpathic Jewelry at Victory Energy Wellness

Energy Goes Techie

What do you get when you cross energy workers and engineers?  The coolest geek energy products ever.  Here at Victory Energy Wellness, we have gathered the most effective and most innovative products for you to play with and we know you’ll feel better using them, because we have tried them all.  And, we whole-heartedly endorse them.  Here are just a few of the products that lift our energy.  For a full listing, come into VEW in Mesa, Arizona or check out our shop right here online.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                                                     Restore Life Force

The Enerpathic Life Products include pendants tourmaline discs, life laser and red light and more.  These contain a truly life-altering frequency that assist the body in ridding itself of unwanted frequencies and reset to achieve balance and begin to heal itself.

Clean Energy Balances

Achieving balance and strength comes with full spectrum products treated with Energy Acceleration Technology.  This is something you can do today and get results right away. These clean energy tools can be distributed throughout your whole body to help restore stressors or imbalances to your natural state of well being.

Combat Energy Exhaustion

Drained by all the electrical devices, negative energy and carriers around you?  The world is full of toxins, geopathic stressors, electromagnetic radiation and EMF pollution.  Discover how to manage the effects of Intracellular Magnetic Exhaustion© which impacts the body through the technologies and electromagnetic field that surrounds us every day. Useful in every situation, transform almost any man made or natural product from a harmful state into a non-harmful state in just seconds with the amazing VM800 Hybrid Drops© and Vitality Mat©!  With the Vitality Mat©, simply place your electronic device on the mat for a few minutes to rid it of the negative effects, works as a placemat as well, ridding your food and dishes of all the additive energy of all the individuals who have handled it.  The Hybrid Drops© work on all devices to eliminate electromagnetic and radioactive discharge.
BUY NOW to experience the difference for yourself or drop by VEW for a trial run. More information at www.essentialmotherearth.com