Ear Candling An Ancient Process

The ear candling process was used in many cultures in ancient times. The double helix shape of the candling device created a spiral energy flow carrying herbs into the ear canal, which is a spiral itself. This created a counter clockwise spiral energy by the vacuum action of the cone. The cones used now are made of strips of unbleached 100% cotton dipped into a mixture of beeswax and herbs in the form of extracts, oils or essences. The strips are rolled spirally, dripped and left to harden upside down. When candling, the cone is lit on the wide end, gently placed in the ear and burned to create smoke containing spiral energy into the ear canal. This process is also called “Ear Cleansing”.

How it Works:

The spiral of the cone draws out debris as smoke goes into the ear. Picture a chimney with its’ fire and oxygen dynamics. A draw is created that equalizes the Eustachian tube pressure as debris is osmotically drawn through the eardrum into the cone. In the outer ear canal excess hardened wax plugs may also be drawn out. Candling is very soothing, relaxing and non-invasive. At no point does the tip of the cone in the ear get hot to the touch. Heat is not a factor in this process.

How Often:

This is a healing process. We suggest three sessions, three to seven days apart. This allows the process to complete a cycle of clearing accumulated debris. After that, groupings of three until you have completed your process. Normal earwax replenishes itself within 24 hours. Thereafter the ear can be candled every six months.


This starts a cleansing process, which is normal. You may feel increased pressure in the ears, fluid in the ears, movement or inflammation of the lymphatic system. If the pressure reaches a point of distracting discomfort, a follow-up candling should be done as soon as possible, as a strong movement has begun which needs completion. Your body is clearing. Allow it to heal itself. Cranial fluids are being realigned. You may feel improvements in sight, color perception and balance. This is due to subtle changes in energy flow. We encourage our clients to drink extra fluids to help their bodies heal more quickly after this process.