We are a community.

Jolene Victor built Victory Energy Wellness as a place of energy, a place of refuge and mending, a place of peace and relaxation. Yet this special place wasn’t envisioned for individuals, it was to be a community of practitioners and clients sharing energy, experience and skills. A melding of hearts and energy for the greater good for self-actualization and forward thinking, a place of safety and security. Anyone who steps inside Victory Energy Wellness feels this sense of community, a sense of belonging, a sense of home. And, for all of us, that feels good.


Why Choose Us

  • Whole body approach to energy, vitality and peace
  • Individualized – fully responsive to your unique situation and needs
  • Awesome group sessions to aid with motivation and energy
  • Multiple energy modalities and techniques to meet all needs
  • Loving, safe environment that promotes relaxation and peace

What Clients Say

Jolene sells this jewelry that is infused with energy and you notice the difference right away in how you feel when you wear it. I can even tell when I have forgotten to put it on by the way I feel. A free demo is available if you stop in and ask.