Ever have one of those days when you just can’t get out of your slump?  Getting out of bed is hard and functioning fully even harder.  We all have these days occasionally.  Of course, I reach for my favorite oils — Balance, Citrus Bliss and Frankincense when I feel this way, but I also reach for my Bliss List (I used to call it my Joy List).

What is a Bliss List you may ask?  A list of at least 50-60 things that give you joy or bliss.  They don’t have to be big things, but things that make you happy, that make you resonate on a higher vibrational level.

So what’s on my bliss list — to start — almost 300 tunes.  Music can bring up your vibration so quickly.  I have so many different tunes on my list, everything from the Beach Boys to the Beattles to Aretha Franklin to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Show Tunes from my favorite musicals.   Then there are movies, scriptures, books, quotes on my list.  Then activities like bubble baths with candlelight, calling some of my girlfriends (just hearing Shae, Carol or Stephanie’s voice on the phone lifts my spirits), spending time with my children, grandchildren and dogs, getting a massage or mani-pedi, going to the beach or to a park to listen to the children play, etc.  Just some ideas for your bliss list.

I’d love to hear what you put on your Bliss List.  Please share with me.  This was something that really helped me through the sad days following my darling Dad’s passing last year.  Make sure you have your bliss list ready when days aren’t so dark and you can think clearly about the things that bring you joy.  Or if you’re in a funk, think about the times when you were happiest and write down some of those things.

Blissfully yours,  Jolene