Detox with Victory Energy Wellness

Did you know that we are exposed to 82,000 different toxins, chemically-based products and processed foods in our environment weekly?

Toxins are man-made chemicals found in the air, water, food, household cleaners and cosmetic products as well as waste products produced by normal cellular activity. Detoxification is the body’s natural, ongoing process of eliminating harmful toxins from the body so that it can function at its best.

When toxins enter the body through the skin, nasal passage or mouth, the body prevents “pollution” by surrounding the toxins with fat and water and stores them in different areas of the body.  This can put a strain on our body’s own detox system (the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood and lymphatic systems). These systems can become burdened as they try to safely excrete toxins.

Our bodies were not meant to work this hard to maintain optimal functioning.  By adding a  detox program to your wellness regimen, you can help pull these toxins, along with the excess fat and water, out of the body and improve your health quickly. (

Ear Candling at Victory Energy Wellness

Come and Detox at Victory Energy Wellness

Ear Candling-In ancient times the candling process was used in India, China, Tibet, Sumeria, Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria as well as the Aztec, Mayan and American Indian cultures.  The cone is dipped into a mixture of beeswax and herbs* in the form of extracts, oils or essences.  The spiral of the cone draws out debris**. Smoke goes into the ear.  A draw is created. Debris is osmotically drawn through the eardrum into the cone. In the outer ear canal excess hardened wax plugs may also be drawn out.  Candling is non invasive, very soothing and relaxing (it stimulates the anti stress acupuncture point in the auditory canal).

Ear Candling is simply a catalyst to clear the respiratory system:

  • It helps sinuses clear
  • It helps drain lymph glands
  • It vacuums off nerve endings in the ear canal
  • It vacuums out the Eustachian tube

*A variety of herbs are used. These herbs contain natural antibiotics, decongestants and balancing properties.

** Ear candling acts as a catalyst to clear out debris (candida, fungus or yeast growth) accumulated on nerve endings.

Ionic Foot Bath at Victory Energy Wellness

Ionic Foot Bath-Re-balance your body at a cellular level. As in the study of Reflexology, each foot is actually a channel, a conduit through which your body attempts to cleanse itself of toxic wastes and heavy metals. During the foot bath session the water interacts with a compound electric current and magnetic field structure and the water becomes “excited”. Cleansing the body of toxins results in the correct frequency required for cells to return to a healthy state and to release waste that has built up over the years. The ionic foot bath detox treatment can enhance the effects of other detox therapies as well.