Sit, Ubu, sit.  Using Energy Therapy to Train and Heal Your Pet.

Is your animal exhibiting behavioral issues or health problems? Have you tried energy work? Our clients often see a change in their pet within a half hour. It’s non-invasive and relaxing for the pet and their guardian.  From turkeys to goats and indoor pets, too, Jolene works with animals with a trained and loving touch.  Dogs who receive this work, a combination of Simply Healed, Quantum Touch and The Emotion Code, leave happier, better behaved and most of all, they have a more satisfied pet owner.
Feeling disconnected from your animal or have a family member who is struggling with a pet? A simple energy session with you and the pet can evoke a great deal of change in behavior and create respect and trust between the person and pet. You’ll leave feeling more bonded and energized. Pets are family and sometimes need a little time out and therapy to surmount issues and ehalth problems.

Did you know that Victory Energy Wellness has teamed up with a top North American pet products company?

VEW is pet friendly and Pet Planet friends. Come into our office and meet our team mascots, Lilo and Stitch. If you are really lucky (and you will be), they’ll let you take them for a walk across the parking lot to Pet Planet’s U.S. headquarters for some delicious doggy snacks. Can you hear them begging already? Woof! Woof!